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Hanshi Mészáros István /englis/


Hanshi Mészáros István




I began to learn martial arts when I was fourteen, in 1980. Firstly I got a deep insight to the world of SHITO-RYU karate in MiskolcNorthern Hungary.




My first master was Matil de Jesus Pitti Hernandez, also known as „Mati”. I acquired the base of martial arts from him, and Master Mészáros János. I did trainings for six years there, according to their guidance.



After that a change in my style followed. With the lead of Master Szilágyi Ferenc I learnt KUNG-FU, then  with the help of Shihan Peter Browne I got acquainted with Kempo-Jujitsu style.  Besides the trainings I usually took part in competitions and martial art shows.



According to my possibilities I took part in as many training camps as I could. Thus I managed to get to the Japanese Style Leader’s Camp in Hungary in the autumn of 1995. I could get a lot of experience there.



I managed to get to Japan, the homeland of Ju Jitsu in 1998.

I took part in a two-week training camp in the center of IMAF in Tokyo, as an answer to the invitation of that World Organization. We, together with my partner, were given the possibility to show our knowledge in front of the Japanese Style Leaders.


I established my first dojo in 1996 inMezőcsát, where we have been doing the trainings to this very day. There are more masters among my students; some of them have more Dan qualifications. They can give the strength and dynamism of our JU-JITSU back in a professional way.


We, with the Club of Mezőcsát, showed our knowledge all over Europe, and took part in competitions. We did our best in EuropeCups, World Championships, and also Hungarian Championships.


I do martial art showing trainings in some cities of Hungary, and also in Germany,ItalySlovenia, Rumenia, and Japan.


I got a good connection with Great Master Shihan Siegfried Lory, the president of the organization BFAK in 1999; this good friendship lasts till this very day.



My results:

Hungarian  Champion  Full Contact Fights three times;

1st  place at IMAF Europe Cup

2nd  place at JU-Jitsu European Champioship in PadovaItaly 

World Champion of BFAK organization, Germany